Our Projects

Friends of Minehead Station projects over the last 24 years

25th Anniversary Planter

At a recent committee meeting, we agreed to completely replant one of the beds on the platforms to celebrate our upcoming 25th anniversary in 2021.  Our Chairman, Martyn Snell started this at the end of October (2020), spurred on by the uncertainty of what this lock down would mean, he and his wife, Sheila, completed the clearing and replanting.  It looks a trifle bare at the moment but the shrubs (Weigela, Spiraea, Skimmia, Escallonia, Hydrangea) with soon grow to make the bed look a great deal better than the very old Roses and Rosemary that had occupied the bed for some years.  

Re surfacing the platform

The original platform beyond the canopy was, in the main, a cinder surface. One of the first projects when funds allowed was to get the whole platform as it is seen now.

The small and large canopy

Much work has been carried out on both canopies, the small one running alongside the building on Platform 1, the large one from the end of the station building for a significant part of both Platforms 1 & 2.  In addition, it has been necessary to repair the stanchions and paint all the metal work under the canopy.

Station chimneys

These had been removed for safety reason many years ago but, to bring the station back to how it was originally, all the chimneys have been replaced. Only one to the General Manager’s office fireplace is functional.